In Continuum, We see the need for a massive use of the Big Data available in the digital realm to help more targeted social and economic decisions


This growing Big Data has significantly changed the way businesess market, especially on social media. As the catchphrase of “data is the new oil” first heard back in 2006 (, social media was started with the intention of connecting with friends remotely, its purposes seems to have changed. Social media platforms are used by brands to advertise and expand their customer base. Not only is social media an output for marketing campaigns, it has also become the input for planning future social media strategies. Data generated from social media comes from likes, comments, shares to following and followers. This stack of data allows business and other stakeholder to learn about your consumers and their behaviour just by accessing the insight. With the data doubling every two years and estimated to reach over 44 trilion gigabytes in the year 2020 (, it is high time for all businesses in any level to start using Big Data for constructive and innovative purposes as one of the most valuable resources in the world.

In Continuum, we see the need for a massive use of the Big Data available in the digital realm to help more targeted social and economic decisions. Continuum built a data center that draws on conversations, trends, and economic dynamics trends in the digital sphere of social media platforms. From here, we build a methodology in economic and marketing analytics to be more about future predictions and the affects of the current strategies in the future.


By using the Big Data approach, the Indeks Konsumen (IKON) Indonesia is built by capturing public conversations and opinions on social media related to conditions of income, expenditure, purchasing power, taxes, and other components of consumption theory. Furthermore, each conversation will be analyzed the sentiments contained therein. This sentiment represents people's perceptions of a condition.


Provides daily index
of consumer behavior


With reliable methodology
and data sources


With a cutting-edge Big Data approach,
presenting an accurate index


The IKON Insight or Indeks Ekonomi (Indonesian Consumer Index) is how Continuum curates the insights we generate from Big Data social media regarding customers and the value of brands and issues unfolding. We devide IKON with IKON Dashboard and IKON Report

The IKON Dashboard is a visual representation and reporting of our Indeks Konsumen. Using our data, dashboard visuals provide charts and graphs to give an at-a-glance of the IKON so it’s easier and more fun in analysing insight!

The IKON Report is our comprehensive report and deep analysis of Indeks Konsumen (IKON) Indonesia. Curated specifically based on your focus of industry and area of interest.

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Eko Listiyanto

Born in Boyolali, Eko completed his bachelor’s degree in 2006 in the Department of Economics and Development Studies at Brawijaya University. He completed his master’s degree in 2011 at the University of Indonesia with a specialization in monetary. Eko is currently active as a researcher at INDEF and has served as the deputy director of INDEF since 2017. Eko has also worked as an analyst at the Bank Indonesia Supervision Agency. As an economist, Eko often explores economy forecasting analysis using the Big Data approach.

Omar Abdillah

7+ years of experience in Big Data and Data Science. He received 2 International Patents in technology, 3 International publications related to Social Media & Text Mining, and awarded as one of 50 Indonesia’s brightest connectors, creative visionaries, influential innovators and disruptive talents curated by Indonesian Tatler. His interest in social, economic and political problem, led him to explore approaches in addressing social and economic issues through Big Data.


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22 Februari 2021
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